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peptide synthesis

peptide synthesis

As a leader in custom peptide synthesis, our supplier Genemed Synthesis Inc continues to make significant  technological advances to support your research. We offer the best price for quality peptides with fast turnaround time. Peptides can be ordered in various scales, different levels of purifications and modifications.
Years of experience and expertise enables Genemed to offer a wide range of modified peptides including fluorescently labeled, biotinylated, phophorylated, acetylated, or have one or more disulfides. All peptides are verified by mass spectrometry and hplc. Additional quality controls such as amino acid sequencing and peptide content can be requested as well. 
Custom Peptide Options
 Peptide Length.
 Up to 100 aa
 Peptide Scale
 1 mg to Kg industrial scale
 Peptide Purity
 Crude, >70%-98%
 Peptide Modifications
Acetylation, amidation, biotinylation, fluorescein, myristylation, phosphorylation, rhodamine, Cyclization etc
 Special amino acids
 D or L forms or mix of 2-19 random amino acid or unnatural amino acids
 Additional Services
 Amino acid analyses, Sequencing, peptide contents, mass spec, hplc
 Conjugation of Peptides
 Protein carrier conjugation (BSA, Ovalbumin, KLH etc) or affinity support (Agarose)
 Antigenicity Analyses
 From whole or partial protein sequences to select 1 or more antigenic peptides
 Peptide Libraries
 Generation of overlapping peptide libraries from whole protein sequences
 For more information please contact Meeramar: 052-2326069 VladaS@HyLabs.co.il

Polyclonal & Monoclonal Antibodies

Our supplier, Genemed Synthesis Inc (GSI) make significant technological advances to support your research and provide you a quality service. They have been in the business of peptide synthesis and customer antibody service for 20 years.
Custom antibodies to peptides can be made in variety of species (rabbit, goat, g. pig, chicken, etc). The decision to choose the host depends upon user’s need, species of origin of the antigen, and volumes required for your research. A typical standard protocol will be 70-days and it can be extended to obtain more antibodies. Your project will be initiated in the most efficient manner.
Forms of peptides used for antibodies
1. Peptides synthesized by GSI or sent to us must be conjugated to KLH/BSA or other carrier proteins
2. User Supplied, Peptide-carrier protein conjugate GSI.
3. Free Peptides, user supplied, and conjugation performed by
All projects include 2 rabbits but we can substitute them with 2 G. Pig/Hamsters/or Chicken at an extra charge. We can modify the std immunization and bleed protocols and includes more animals if requested.
Optional Services - The following services can be added to any antibody project:
1. ELISA- GSI uses proprietary techniques and buffer solutions to coat free peptides or proteins on ELISA plates.
2. Affinity Purification- GSI can couple the provided antigen (peptide, proteins) to prepare the affinity matrix. Antibodies will be purified, and affinity purified antibodies tested by ELISA, and compared with unpurified serum. We also monitor the antibody activity in the unbound fractions to make sure antibodies are not overloaded and wasted. We provide a complete ELISA report, affinity pure antibodies, and supply the affinity column as well.
Time Schedule
We GSI will make every effort to provide you with this custom service in the shortest possible time. A period of three to nine months will normally be required for completion of the project. Delays may be incurred if the antigen is poorly immunogenic or produces unstable clones.

All clones, cell lines, antibodies and other material that are the products of this project shall become the exclusive property of the client at the conclusion of the project. Full confidentiality is guaranteed.
Custom polyclonal/peptide combined package
Custom phospho-specific polyclonal antibody service
Custom monoclonal antibody generation

For more information please contact Meeramar: 052-2326069 VladaS@HyLabs.co.il

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